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Mohamed Noor Resentenced To Nearly 5 years In Prison For The Murder Of Justine Ruszczyk Damond; He Could Be Out On The Street Next June But He Won’t Be Deported

The above is my non-p.c. version of title by KSTP. This scumbag should have gotten life but it’s a blue state with many leftists in the judicial system. Somali crime[…]

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Biden Released More Than 16,000 Covid-Positive Illegals Into U.S., Says ICE

By Ethan Huff at Thousands of other illegals were released by Biden. These are just the illegals that ICE tested for COVID! Moreover, these are Central American and Haitian[…]

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First Shipping Containers, Now Train Cars: Union Pacific Says All Workers Must Get Jabbed By Dec. 8

By Ethan Huff at Natural News Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending to me today.

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