Will Trump Give McCain A Deathbed Gift Of Amnesty?

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Will Trump Give McCain A Deathbed Gift Of Amnesty?

By Dave Levine

McCain will be gone soon and I believe Ryan & Co would like nothing better than to give him “a special going-away present”–Amnesty. Is it a coincidence that Ryan and the Chamber/Koch Bros are pushing Amnesty as McCain is dying? Perhaps not but I smell a rotten fish.

McCain hates Trump and it would therefore seem strange that Trump would reward his RINO adversary with Amnesty, something McCain tried to push thru year after year failing each time. Trump isn’t saying anything about the Ryan Amnesty bill. But we know his minions Marc Short and Stephen Miller are planning it. Will Trump give McCain a going-away present by signing Ryan’s Amnesty?

One has to ask oneself, “Why would the GOPe/Ryan be pushing Amnesty right before the Midterm Election where Conservative voters are already angry and looking for blood?”

The answer MAY be “McCain”.

Is McCain’s dying a good reason to pass Amnesty? Absolutely not! But it could–along with Koch Bros money–be driving this thing.