Why I Oppose President Trump: The 5 Trump Lies, One Of Which Will Destroy America

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Why I Oppose President Trump: The 5 Trump Lies, One Of Which Will Destroy America

By Dave Levine

President Trump has already leaked or had leaked his SOTU speech, so we know what he’s going to say. The worst part of it? He’s going to push a major Amnesty plan–call it “Trump’s DACA Amnesty On Steroids”–that will destroy our great country.

The President is supposed to PROTECT the nation from Invasion. Instead, his talking Amnesty for many months has caused a tsunami of illegals breaking into the U.S. from Mexico. I’m sure he was forewarned about this fact because it happens whenever our leaders just talked of Amnesty, much less tried to pass it.

The 5 major Trump lies (from his campaign till now) are indisputable:

  1. Promising he would rescind DACA (a memo from Janet Napolitano) on Day 1,
  2. Promising he would never sign an Amnesty bill,
  3. Promising he would build “a big beautiful wall”,
  4. Promising Mexico would pay for that wall and
  5. Promising he would ban Muslim country refugees from coming to the U.S.


There are other Trump lies, but these are the ones that got him elected. Let’s take them apart, one by one.

He has not rescinded DACA! He let if go, then in September had AG Sessions tell the nation that it would last another 6 months. Had he rescinded it, DACA illegals could have been deported to their home countries, most of them to Mexico last year. Instead, they’re even more radicalized and anti-American as they’ve shown in their protests. Trump allowed that tumor, the cancer known as DACA, to fester and grow.

He is pushing a major Amnesty plan that will legalize 3.8 million DACA illegals AND give them U.S. citizenship after 10 years. It will likely result in 10 million or more being legalized if chain migration isn’t somehow stopped. In doing so, he’ll tear the Republican Party apart. No Conservative congressman worth his salt would vote for citizenship for illegals because it will give the Democrat Party control of the nation for decades to come. On November 6, angry Conservative voters will throw out as many RINOs who vote for this Amnesty as they can giving the House back to Pelosi. There’s even a chance the Senate will fall to Schumer. The GOP will never again have control of Congress and may never again have control of The White House–all this to please the Chamber of Commerce and Trump’s rich buddies!

The wall is still not built and most folks with half a brain know it will never be built and that goes for the double-layered fence called for in The Secure Fence Act of 2006.

Mexico will never be made to pay for the wall. That was sheer lunacy. It shows how gullible Conservative voters can be, those who believed it.

Finally, the Muslim refugee ban was blocked by the courts, then the SCOTUS gave Trump a temporary victory. But guess what? DHS Chief Nielsen has stated that the U.S. will no longer seek to ban such refugees!

5 lies, one of which was a major backstabbing by Trump of his base of support. Ironically, there is still a cadre of Trumpsters over at Breitbart that thinks he’s not serious about signing an Amnesty bill.

I didn’t vote for Trump so his backstabbing of his base supporters doesn’t affect me one way or the other. My only “dog in the hunt” was stopping Amnesty.

Tonight, Trump had the temerity to bring Angel Moms and Dads at his SOTU speech tonight when he’s STABBING THEM IN THE BACK WITH AMNESTY!

We anti-Amnesty Patriots can only hope that the Senate Democrats shoot down this Amnesty bill, whatever it is titled, so that it can’t get to Trump’s desk for being “too tough”. Because it appears the House Freedom Caucus will not oppose it, which means Ryan should be able to get it thru the House. We know that Cruz and likely Lee will oppose it, joining most or all Senate Democrats. There will be attempts to “buy off” these opposing Senators.

We can only hope that Schumer holds the line together and that Cruz and Lee vote against it and defeat it.

VietVet68 said it best in this short comment as the speech wound down:

“Dump Trump. He lied to get elected. I will not vote for a liar and traitor!”

And another great comment, this one by portle44:

“Not only is it a disgraceful betrayal but he also is entirely disrespectful of the people who made him President by sounding like Chuck Schumer at the SOTU address.

Stick the fork in now he is done.”