Why I Can’t Support Or Vote For Donald Trump For Reelection In 2020

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Why I Can’t Support Or Vote For Donald Trump For Reelection In 2020

By Dave Levine

I’m sure there are folks out there, perhaps even some friends of mine, who want to know “why” I can’t support Trump for reelection. These are people who will vote for Trump, not so much because they like what he’s done but because they fear the Socialist Bernie Sanders more. These are the “lesser of two evils” voters. Then there are the Trumpsters who will vote for Trump even if he signs an Amnesty bill. Trump “can do no wrong” in their eyes.

I do not fall into either category. First of all, I’m not a Republican; I’m an Independent Conservative and have been since 1996 when RINO Bob Dole and liberal Jack Kemp and millions of idiot Republican voters forced me to leave the GOP. For many years, the GOP was the only place Conservatives could go. Then 1996 came along. Law and order folks like me left and have never gone back. We don’t need no stinking RINO-controlled party to speak for us!

Getting back to Trump, I can’t vote for or support a candidate who is pro-Amnesty as I believe Trump to be. Trump was ready to sign The Gang of Four Amnesty Bill HR 4760 had it passed. He had his own Amnesty plan known as The Four Pillars Plan crafted by adviser Stephen Miller. It is my belief that Trump is planning a General Amnesty for 50 to 60 million illegals that he will unveil in early 2021 after he’s inaugurated. Trump has never promised not to sign such a bill and he’s done nothing to arrest and deport any of the 50 million-plus illegals here except for a few thousand illegal alien gang members. He claims, “We need workers!” echoing the false claim from Silicon Valley CEOs and others in big business.

So, where do Independent Conservatives go? Well, being Independent has certain rewards. We aren’t controlled by any corrupt party. And Trump and other Republicans running for office need our votes! Pro-Amnesty pols like Pence and Trump planning our demise shouldn’t get those votes.

There is one Conservative on the horizon who could be President in 2024, Gov. DeSantis of Florida but it will be too late for the nation if Trump is reelected as he will almost certainly sign a General Amnesty.