Where Does Iowa Congressional Candidate Ashley Hinson Stand On Amnesty, Jailbreak and Crime?

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Where Does Iowa Congressional Candidate Ashley Hinson Stand On Amnesty, Jailbreak and Crime?

By Dave Levine

Some folks are trying to “turn Iowa red” by voting out Democrats and replacing them with RINOs, thinking the RINOs will behave/vote like Conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth! I believe Ashley Hinson is just such a RINO from what I’ve read on her campaign website.

Remember Utah Conservative Jason Chaffetz who did the impossible, knocking out Bush Amnesty waterboy Rep. Chris Cannon running on an anti-Amnesty platform? Well, not long after taking the Oath of Office, Chaffetz shocked his supporters by going “full RINO”, pushing for exactly what Cannon had done for years–Amnesty! Once Amnesty was defeated, Chaffetz conveniently “retired” from Congress. Another faux Conservative who did the impossible, Professor Dave Brat, knocked out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor over Cantor’s voting for Amnesty. A few years later, in 2018, Brat got his butt handed to him by Conservative voters in a shocking loss a few months after he voted for The Gang of Four Amnesty bill.

Thinking that a RINO will vote like a Conservative is a recipe for disaster as the GOP is already going down the tubes–led by RINOs! Formerly red states are turning blue because RINOs and RINO-run PACs like Mitch McConnell’s Senate PAC are keeping Conservative candidates from winning–look what just happened Tuesday night in Kansas (Kobach), Washington (Culp) and Arizona (McCarthy)! This is discouraging Conservative voters and could lead some of them to leave the GOP, preferring to stay home on Election Day. I left the GOP for EXACTLY this reason back in 1996.

Here is Ashley Hinson’s position on Immigration from her campaign website:

“Washington politicians have made immigration about politics when immigration is about security. Our system has been overwhelmed by illegal immigrants coming across our southern border. Now we have a humanitarian crisis, rampant human trafficking and drugs like fentanyl pouring across our border and fueling the opioid crisis. Washington has been trying to solve the immigration issue for decades and they have done close to nothing. Ashley would go to Congress to work across the aisle to strengthen the border and find solutions. She supports increasing funding for border security and fixing our legal immigration system so places like Iowa can have their workforce needs met. Ashley knows we can no longer pass the buck.” 

Doesn’t that sound like “boilerplate”? If Ms. Hinson is a true Conservative, she needs to answer some important questions: “Where do you stand on Amnesty, Jailbreak (The First Step Act) and Crime? What is your position on H-1B visas? Are you in favor of no-bail laws? What is your position on the Lockdown and forced vaccinations?” She doesn’t say what her position on Crime is. Iowa’s BigDairy wants Amnesty for illegals and a continuous flow of cheap foreign labor. Is she taking money from BigDairy? When a Republican candidate avoids discussing Amnesty, it usually means they’re for it. Heaven knows there are already 180 Republicans in the House of Representatives who have voted and will vote for Amnesty. Why add another?

When folks say, “Vote Republican!” or “Vote Red!”, I shudder because RINOs aren’t the answer–law and order Conservative candidates are! If there is no Conservative running, do as I do–don’t vote! Stay home! Otherwise, we’ll get more of the same–more McSallys and McMorris-Rogers! Don’t forget that a RINO is a rich Democrat running as a pro-business Republican.