When Will ICE Begin Massive Raids On Illegal Alien-Heavy States And Businesses That Have Hired Them?

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When Will ICE Begin Massive Raids On Illegal Alien-Heavy States And Businesses That Have Hired Them?

By Dave Levine

At present, ICE is concentrating on trying to arrest and deport the so-called “3 million illegal alien criminals” in the U.S. This includes the more than 1 million illegal alien gang members and 2 million other criminal illegals not affiliated with gangs–child molesters, rapists and other criminals. What it doesn’t include are the many millions of illegals who have committed felonies in using stolen or fraudulent U.S. IDs but haven’t been caught using them. Document fraud is a felony. There could be as many as 25 million illegals who have committed document fraud. But the so-called “criminal alien population” is small compared to the overall illegal alien population.

By my estimation, there are 40 to 60 million illegal aliens in the U.S. with the majority of them living in three states–California, Texas and Florida. It would be very simple and easy for Trump and DHS Chief Kelly to order raids in these three states. Anyone who believes in the Pew/CENSUS figure of “11.5 million” illegals is not an informed person.

At some point, ICE will have to turn its attention to removing the majority of illegal aliens living and working illegally in our country. This is the touchiest part of illegal immigration as there is sympathy in some quarters for these Invaders. Their children attend our schools and are known as “anchor babies/anchor children”. Due to a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment and a footnote by Justice Brennan to Plyer, these children are considered to be U.S. citizens. There is a strong element–led by Democrats–to “keep families united” at the expense of our Immigration laws.

About 10 million illegals work for a paycheck. The rest work under-the-table. Few of the illegals working for a paycheck pay income tax as most are married and claim the “Additional Child Tax Credit” for each child they have.

At present, California is the “friendliest” state to illegals with Socialist Governor Jerry Brown inviting millions of illegals to invade the state and the legislature passing Sanctuary State legislation which defies federal law. The legislature has a super-majority of Socialist Democrats meaning “enforcement legislation” will never pass again in the state. Pro-illlegal alien orgs like MALDEF, MECHA and La Raza are strong here. I estimate that California has 15 to 20 million illegals with more arriving from other states every day.

Texas on the other hand has probably THE most conservative Governor in the nation, a very popular Governor in Greg Abbott. Abbott is tough on illegal aliens. The Texas Senate is controlled by Conservatives, the House by RINO Joe Straus but he’s finding himself in a minority of RINOs trying to protect the Invaders from the South. Gov. Abbott has yet to get tough on businesses in Texas that have hired illegals. He has stayed away from promoting a 1070-style bill. I believe that is coming shortly. Abbott (who was Texas AG) could be President one day and would run on a law-and-order platform. There are probably 10 million illegals in Texas.

Florida, while not nearly as conservative as Texas, is a red state with a RINO in Governor Rick Scott who ran on a pro-1070 platform. The illegal population in Florida is different than the Mexican-heavy illegal populations of CA and TX. Florida has illegal Haitians and illegals from the Caribbean. The illegal alien population in Florida is probably north of 4 million. Pro-Amnesty politicians like Marco Rubio hail from Florida. Thanks RINOs like Rubio (who was House Speaker before becoming a U.S. Senator), Florida has few enforcement laws against illegals.

Will ICE begin massive raids in CA, TX and FL? Don’t hold your breath. What has changed in the country is the election of Donald Trump and his desire to bring back law and order. The mood of the electorate is pro-enforcement. If he stays clear of Amnesty talk and bills, ICE should commence these raids.

We’ll be watching.