What’s Happened To The Battleground State Audits Of The 2020 Election?

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What’s Happened To The Battleground State Audits Of The 2020 Election?

By Dave Levine

“Silence is golden but my eyes still see” is a phrase many Americans my age will remember from their youth. But silence is not “golden” when it means suppression of the truth.

There were 5 Battleground States in the 2020 Election that should have gone to Trump. Any three of those would have reelected him. Instead, massive fraud occurred in all five of those states the likes we’ve never seen before. Illegal mail-in ballots were “allowed” by liberal, left-wing and RINO Secretaries of State. Illegal drop boxes were also allowed. After hours deliveries of massive numbers of fraudulent ballots were observed and recorded on film. Dominion Voting System machines were used, machines designed for cheating and overturning the votes. Republican poll watchers were banned from counting centers. Counting centers were shut down at 10:30 PM Eastern Time and not reopened until after 1 AM giving the criminal vote counters time to double-count votes and other felonious acts. Windows at counting centers were closed off so Republican poll watchers couldn’t see in. COVID was used as an excuse to keep Republican poll watchers from getting close to Democrat vote counters. The CCP (as per Mike Lindell’s white hacker reports) switched votes from Trump to Biden via satellite in many of the Battleground States. Massive numbers of ballots failed to have their signatures matched. Everything illegal that could have been done was done to prevent Trump from winning.

So far, almost a year and a half after the Election, only ONE major county in ONE Battleground State–Maricopa County in Arizona–has done a forensic audit and that audit’s results were watered-down by RINOs running the AZ Legislature. One SMALL county in Michigan, Antrim County, did an audit and found 6,000 votes had been switched from Trump to Biden. All the other Battleground State counties have yet to be forensically audited.

I haven’t heard a peep out of Pennsylvania. Georgia is still mired in a legal battle over auditing with the RINO SoS calling the shots. The Michigan legislature is run by RINOs. Wisconsin seems to be “the best bet” for doing a forensic audit.

So far, it’s the RINOs in these state legislatures who are presenting the problem.