What Part Of NO AMNESTY Doesn’t D.C. Understand?

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What Part Of NO AMNESTY Doesn’t D.C. Understand?

By Michelle Malkin at michellemalkin.com

The RINOs running the GOP certainly don’t get it! I know that Trump and Kushner are planning a General Amnesty for early 2021. If Trump is reelected (certainly not “a given” anymore) and if the GOP takes back the House (a big question mark at this point), there’s a VERY good chance that a REPUBLICAN Amnesty will be signed into law.

If Biden is elected, the Senate stays in GOP hands and the House goes back to the Republicans, there’s not much chance that an Amnesty will pass–at least for the first two years. House Republicans would be nuts to allow Amnesty to get to the floor. If the Dems keep the House, President Biden will sign the first General Amnesty since 1986.

If Trump could be trusted to veto any Amnesty bill, he’d probably be reelected but he can’t be trusted on the issue.