What Has To Happen In 2020: Conservative Voters Leave Trump In Droves Having Been Awakened To The Truth

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What Has To Happen In 2020: Conservative Voters Leave Trump In Droves Having Been Awakened To The Truth

By Dave Levine

President Trump is counting on his base to continue to defend him but his actions in 2018 and 2019–with the exception of the “Remain in Mexico” agreement with Mexico–prove to this Independent Conservative and to others we know that Trump not only is no Conservative but that he has “evil plans” for the nation, namely, a General Amnesty for more than 50 million illegal aliens including gangbanger illegals and probably The Second Step Act–a total release of all federal prisoners from federal facilities. Since Joe Biden has a similar General Amnesty plan, neither of them are acceptable as President. Conservative voters should seriously consider staying home on Election Day 2020.

“The truth” isn’t pretty. On December 21, 2018, Trump signed The First Step Act into law with federal felons shaking his hand at the signing. That act released 4,000 federal drug trafficking felons from prison. One of them went on to murder an American in a bar in Rhode Island.

Besides breaking his promise to stop the Caravans of illegals coming to run our Southern Border, then giving themselves up and falsely claiming asylum, Trump’s next act on February 15, 2019 was to sign The Spending-Amnesty Bill giving Amnesty to drug traffickers and other criminal aliens who could grab a Mexican or Central American child and break in with that child and claim asylum. Both the trafficker (along with the child’s illegal alien parents already in the U.S.) will now be given Amnesty!

It got even worse! On December 20, 2019, Trump signed The Omnibus Spending bills–the Budget Bill with that drug trafficker Amnesty provision AND the NDAA without even $1 for the fence or for hiring some very much needed ICE agents but it contained an Amnesty for 4,000 Liberian nationals here illegally! Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review warned us this was coming and “come” it did! Trump basically gave the Dems everything they wanted. Most importantly for Conservative voters, the two bills passed with those Amnesty provisions intact!

Meanwhile, over at Breitbart, commenters are deifying Trump!

In lieu of all the above, how can self-respecting Conservatives continue to stand behind Trump? The answer is simple: they fear Biden more than they fear Trump. These lemmings will probably shrug off a Trump General Amnesty, saying, “It was going to happen anyway–MAGA!”

I personally would rather see a divided government where the Republicans control the House or the House and the Senate against a Democrat president. Amnesty would be far less likely to pass! In 2024, I expect the very popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to run for President. While he voted for The Gang of Four Amnesty Bill in 2018 as a congressman, I don’t believe he would ever sign a General Amnesty bill. Getting to 2024 without a General Amnesty is key! We can stop that Amnesty with a divided government but only if Trump is defeated because he wants Amnesty as much as his Democrat friends do!

The big question not being asked is…Can the Republicans not only win back the House in 2020 but by enough seats so that Biden can’t “buy them off to get his Amnesty bill thru in 2021?”