What Happens To The Conservative Movement After Trump Is Defeated On Election Day

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What Happens To The Conservative Movement After Trump Is Defeated On Election Day

By Dave Levine

Assuming Trump loses the Election, I’m wondering where Conservatives-without-a-party will go beginning November 9th.

There are two Conservative movements going that I’m aware of, neither of which are political parties. One is JD Rucker’s The New Americana and the other is David Serenda’s Reclaim Our Voices. Neither one has much money behind it. I cannot support Rucker’s group (Ask Karen Sutton Brooks at Reclaim about that). So Reclaim is my choice at the moment.

David Serenda has told us that it will likely take until after the 2020 Election for the Reclaim movement to become a political party. That’s a long time to be party-less! But, I’ve been party-less since 1996 and I’m okay!

Reclaim is a strong Tenth Amendment movement. The one issue I have with them is a state’s right to determine its own drug laws “and federal laws be damned!” I will never agree with them on that issue! I want to see federal agents descend on the states of Colorado and Washington and destroy their marijuana farms, etc.

Reclaim is starting at the bottom of the grass roots–at the state and local level. I’ll be watching them closely.

John Boehner admirer and former spy Evan McMullin isn’t the answer–neither is Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

The GOP is “a no-go” for disaffected Conservatives. So until a legitimate Conservative third party is formed, being party-less may be the way to go.

Just understand that there are many of us in the same boat!

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  1. Heathermcsp says:

    I have faith that there will be a large Conservative movement of some kind as we wade through these next 4 years.

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