What A Pence Administration Might Look Like: RINOs Galore

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What A Pence Administration Might Look Like: RINOs Galore

by Dave Levine

The Trump Administration is full of liberals and RINOs. The swamp was not drained! There are very few Conservatives in it. The most noted Conservative Trump has is AG Jeff Sessions. Not one Congressman brought over to the Administration is a Conservative–not Price and certainly not Mulvaney.

There’s talk now about Trump resigning and Pence becoming President. So, what would a Pence Administration look like? Pence is a RINO. A Pence Administration would be “pure RINO”. Sessions would be fired and Kelly would be replaced with an Open Borders RINO. The Chamber could breathe a sigh of relief with Sessions and Kelly gone!

And what of Amnesty? Pence is the author of the original “touchback” scheme. Has he suddenly become an Immigration Patriot? Not on your Chamber-of-Horrors life!

Would President Pence continue enforcing Immigration laws? There’s no way to tell at this point. My gut feeling is “no”. Would he bring back “catch and release” used by Bush? Would he support a National mandatory E-verify bill? Would he ramp up or cut back on Immigration raids?

As bad as Trump is, a Pence Administration is a scary proposition. And Pence would be in the driver’s seat for another term with the 2020 Election approaching. The only Republican who could possibly beat him would be Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The last thing we need is a RINO for President. We could end up with 7 years of President Pence or 3 years of Pence and 4 years of a Socialist Dem again.

However, if Abbott is the 2020 GOP nominee, he’d have a better chance of beating the Socialist Dem, whoever that is. Abbott is a very popular Governor and if SB 4 is upheld by the courts, he’ll be even more popular by 2020.