Weekly Standard Writer Completely Leaves Out ‘The 700 Miles Of Double-Layered Border Fence’ That Is Law

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Weekly Standard Writer Completely Leaves Out ‘The 700 Miles Of Double-Layered Border Fence’ That Is Law

By Dave Levine

Weekly Standard writer Chris Deaton wrote a piece yesterday titled “Why Trump Is No Closer To Getting His Wall”. It was more of “the same old same old” MSM drivel on the lack of funding (by congressional Republicans) for Trump’s wall. I learned nothing from it.

What Deaton completely left out is the fact that “the Border fence” IS LAW! The Secure Fence Act of 2006 signed by G.W. Bush is law and it calls for 750 miles of double-layered fence along important parts of the 1,900-mile Border. Just 36 miles of it were built and all under Bush. Deaton doesn’t even mention the double-layered fence!

The reason the double-layered fence is important is the fact that where it has been erected, it’s stopped illegal entries by 97 to 98%. The 14 miles of it in San Diego near the ocean and the 22 miles of it on the Border in Yuma, AZ stopped the Invasion cold, something no one can argue. It’s not “a wall”–it’s two layers of fencing with a road for BP vehicles in between it.

I don’t have the figure on “how much” those 714 miles that still need the double-layered fence would cost. Glenn Spencer at American Border Patrol might know. But it would certainly be cost-effective given the success of that fence in San Diego and Arizona. Who can argue with a 97 or 98% success rate?

Because the Secure Fence Act IS LAW, Trump should be able to get Chamber junkies Ryan and McConnell behind funding its completion. Originally, Bush told us it would take 18 months. That would fall within Trump’s 3.5 years left in office.

So why hasn’t Trump pushed this? Because it would be an admission that he failed with “the wall”? He should dispense with the term “the wall” and  begin pushing “the double-layered fence”. It would be SO EASY!

To say “there are impediments” to completing the 714 miles of double-layered fence would be stating the obvious. Texas Border ranchers are against it and so forth. One of the most challenging is the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation which straddles 75 miles of the Mexican-U.S. border. However, with “leadership” on this issue, I believe these can be dealt with.

The bottom line? The double-layered fence IS LAW and IT MUST BE BUILT!

Trump should get behind the double-layered fence NOW!