We Have Lost A Great Comedian In Jackie Mason

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We Have Lost A Great Comedian In Jackie Mason

By Dave Levine

I appreciate Joel Pollak’s report at Breitbart on the late, great Jackie Mason.

I met Mason in 1991 while I was performing at The Rainbow Room in NYC as a musician. I was having lunch at Stage Deli on one of their large benches when Mason and his entourage (young, uppity managers) came in and sat next to and across from me. I was still in my tuxedo. Mason began asking me questions and couldn’t believe that a musician from California got a full-time gig in NYC. Two months later, I moved back to CA.

Five years later, my lady friend and I moved back to NYC. We ran into Mason on Madison Avenue and he invited us to his office. He wanted to do something for my career but was unable to as I had been blacklisted by a powerful agent there. We ran into him one more time during our year’s stay there.

Mason was one of the funniest comedians I had seen. I liked his support for Trump. So many professional comedians are liberals and leftists! Mason was refreshing and honest and I liked that about him.

I will miss him.