‘We Are In For A Pretty Long Civil War’

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‘We Are In For A Pretty Long Civil War’

This is a good article by Ioffe but she misses/leaves out THE most important part of what she calls “the Cruz/Rand Paul wing” of the GOP–Conservative activists such as Ben Shapiro at The Daily Wire and Christian Conservative activists like syndicated talk show host, Steve Deace, two leaders who are driving the now-Independent Conservative grass roots movement on social media and AM radio.

As a matter of fact, other than a brief mention of Cruz, there isn’t ONE true Conservative she mentions in her piece–they’re all Bushies/Hoover Institute neocons. I wouldn’t call any of them “Conservatives”. But that’s one left-wing writer’s view of the Republican Party.

Instead, she mentions traitor Grover Norquist and other anti-Conservatives. You have to wonder if Ioffe has really done her homework on this subject.

By Julia Ioffe at Politico