Vote Out The Discharge Petition-Signing RINOs And Yoder On Tuesday!

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Vote Out The Discharge Petition-Signing RINOs And Yoder On Tuesday!

By Dave Levine (a repost from early October 2018)

As I’ve written, 17 non-retiring House RINOs signed the backdoor Amnesty known as The Discharge Petition. It was a major stab-in-the-back to Conservative voters and to the nation. It only failed by 2 RINO votes. 193 House Dems signed it. If these 17 are booted and Yoder is booted and the GOP holds its other seats, they’ll maintain control of the House albeit with just a 5 or 6-seat majority. But the really awful House RINOs will have been booted!

Here again are “the 17” to boot on November 6th:

  1. Carlos Curbelo, R-Florida
  2. Jeff Denham, R-California
  3. David Valadao, R-California
  4. Will Hurd, R-Texas
  5. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Florida
  6. Mia Love, R-Utah
  7. Fred Upton, R-Michigan
  8. Mike Coffman, R-Colorado
  9. John Faso, R-New York
  10. Mark Amodei, R-Nevada
  11. Elise Stefanik, R-New York
  12. Leonard Lance, R-New Jersey
  13. Stephen Knight, R-California
  14. John Katko, R-New York
  15. Erik Paulsen, R-Minnesota
  16. Tom Reed, R-New York
  17. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pennsylvania


Kansas is going red with Kris Kobach likely to be the next Governor there. Yoder’s HR 392 (a DACA quasi-Amnesty bill) is another RINO shaft job on Conservative voters. While his bill may fail in a House vote, he’s added that Amnesty and massive lndia nationals H-2B and H-2A (Mexican nationals) provisions as an amendment to The DHS Funding Bill. If he’s booted on November 6th, that amendment MAY BE STRIPPED from the DHS bill but we can’t sit by and hope these provisions get stripped! Yoder MUST BE BOOTED and then pressure MUST be put on Ryan to strip Yoder’s amendment!

The Senate will stay in Republican hands with Republicans adding 4-5 seats and McConnell won’t allow Trump to be removed if the House does fall to the Dems. DON’T let the House RINOs get away with murder!

VOTE OUT “THE 17” and Yoder!