VOIF.ORG’s Dave Root Slams RINO Sen. John Kennedy For Stabbing American Victims Of Immigration Marriage Fraud In The Back By Supporting VAWA Renewal S.2920

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VOIF.ORG’s Dave Root Slams RINO Sen. John Kennedy For Stabbing American Victims Of Immigration Marriage Fraud In The Back By Supporting VAWA Renewal S.2920

By Dave Levine

Senator Kennedy (R-LA) is a full RINO. The Senate RINOs want VAWA to pass. The House has already passed it’s version which the NRA has issues with which is keeping the Senate Republicans from voting for it. The House bill won’t pass the Senate. S.2920 is a Republican bill.

Here’s Dave Root’s letter to Senator Kennedy (Root of voif.org):

Senator John Kennedy has decided to support a VAWA bill that throws victims of immigration fraud under the bus in favor  the VAWA radical groups that are insisting that a VAWA bill must have”no rollbacks” in order to continue the nightmare of immigration fraud. No so fast Senator Kennedy….

Nick Hawatmeh
Legislative Counsel 
US Senate Committee on the Judiciary
Hello Nick:
As a representative of the organization Victims of Immigration Fraud (VOIF) I’d like to express some concerns regarding Senator Kennedy’s co-sponsoring the Violence Against Women Act.
Senator Kennedy’s sincere commitment to protect women from violence should be applauded. However, S-2920 continues the status quo of VAWA’s notorious fiscal and immigration fraud and violations of due process. 
Unbeknownst to Senator Kennedy our organization desperately tried to get Senator Ernst to address endemic immigration fraud in her bill  but our concerns were purposely ignored. Previous VAWA versions had an immigration section allowing immigrant spouses to secure their own immigration status. Because of VAWA immigrant spouses can claim abuse with USCIS even on the same day of marriage. No physical violence needed, and no witnesses, hard evidence or proof is required. This rigged scam blindsides innocent American citizens that are  banned from the USCIS adjudication process when abuse is alleged. Our American women victims are suffering terrible harm as well!
As a result VAWA’s immigration programs have become endemic with fraud according to this GAO report -not to mention VAWA’s waste and fiscal abuses which are short changing real destitute victims. Staffers with Senator Ernst and Graham insist on ignoring VAWA’s immigration fraud simply because the liberal VAWA advocates are insisting on “No Rollbacks” passed during previous VAWA.  So in other words our 1500 victims (including those in Louisiana) are thrown under the bus because VAWA advocates might get upset and don’t want immigration fraud controls. This is a bad strategy for the majority party in control to be cow towing to the feminists groups, who are being paid with VAWA’s grant money. Many of them are suing our own government for open border policies and facilitating immigration fraud!    
In conclusion we kindly urge Senator Kennedy to reject S-2920- a very bad bill. He should insist on a new VAWA that addresses these fiscal and immigration problems. When can we meet to discuss these issues? I have included a cc to victim, Elena Maria Lopez. 
Dave Root 
I should mention that if you google the two VAWA bills, both of which do NOTHING for the over 1 million American victims of One-Way Immigration Marriage Fraud that VAWA has created, you’ll find nothing but left-wing/pro-VAWA articles. Dave Root’s letter above and the recounting by the many guests I’ve had on my radio talk show who are victims of Immigration Marriage Fraud prove to me that VAWA MUST NOT BE RENEWED and that means rejecting both HR 1585 and S.2920!