Trump’s Last Chance To Save Himself

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Trump’s Last Chance To Save Himself

Most #NeverTrump Patriots probably aren’t going to be hoping Trump “saves himself” by dropping out. His “ultimate humiliation”–losing almost all states in an election massacre to a woman he gave over $100,000 to over the years–would be too good for him but I imagine most of us on the right want to see just that.

Why? Because it’s too late to run another GOP candidate. If Trump were to drop out, the RNC would elevate the RINO Pence as the nominee and THAT isn’t going to get the job done. The RNC and the GOP cannot be revived. As shameful as it would be for Trump to drop out, it would keep him from his “ultimate humiliation” which I for one want him to experience.

Just my thoughts. Let’s see what #NeverTrump leader and fellow talk show host Steve Deace says about this.

By Steve Deace

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  1. Heathermcsp says:

    I figured he would quit if the polls showed him 15 pts behind, rather then be called a loser. If he stays in till the end, it is possible that in his concession speech, he would babble, ‘I know all those losers out there are saying that I am a loser, but I’m not. I won because I was wanting Hillary to win all along!’

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