Trump’s #3 Lie: He’ll Prosecute Hillary

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Trump’s #3 Lie: He’ll Prosecute Hillary

Trumpsters at Breitbart–where many of them post–are going nuts. Their guru, the man some of them give the Nazi salute to, won’t be prosecuting his dear friend Hillary and it is unlikely that the FBI will prosecute her, either.

Can you name Trump’s #1 and #2 lies? 1) He won’t build the wall and 2) he won’t scuttle Obamacare. There are other lies, other flip-flops but these three are the biggest.

Why was Trump elected? Because he promised to build a wall and end Obamacare. Not going to happen.

As #NeverTrump Patriot Kelly Hubbard succinctly stated this morning on Facebook, “Once a fraud, always a fraud!”

Am I angry about any of this? No. I didn’t vote for Trump. Instead, I invested a lot of time and money trying to keep Trump from winning. I came out of an 8-month haitus from my AM radio talk show to devote that show to stopping him. That effort failed because of idiots like those over at Breitbart who I used to blog with.

These Trumpster fools drank the Kool-Aid. They believed the Con Man. Many of them still do, the idiots. They couldn’t see that he not only promised Amnesty from interviews he gave years before he announced he was running to–Amnesty being something they abhor and cannot accept–they couldn’t see “the con” they were swallowing due to their ridiculous hatred for the only Conservative in the race, Cruz. After Cruz dropped out, that hatred turned to Hillary, the radical socialist Trump gave over $100,000 to and was close friends with.

Having egg on their faces now is hardly punishment for following Trump over the proverbial cliff. There has to be something more severe. And that will be the day when an Amnesty bill makes it out of the House for his signature.

I will save most of my vitriol for these idiots for that day.

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  1. Heathermcsp says:

    Yes, I read some comments on the xirtamatix blog this morning . Some of the original Trump supporters are vey upset that he is not posecuting Hillary and they figure Ivanka talked him out of it because she and Chelsea are so close. They wondered if Ivanka was going to be making all his decisions and they wondered if it would be another Pres Carter term. I brought all this up to them during the primaries and after and I got hit hard for saying it when we were blogging on Gretawire.

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