‘Trumpnesty’ Will Enrich The Drug Cartel Like Nothing Before

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‘Trumpnesty’ Will Enrich The Drug Cartel Like Nothing Before

By Dave Levine

It’s common sense. Think about it.

As things stand, would-be illegals have to pay the Cartel between $3,000 and $5,000 each to smuggle them and their families across the U.S. Border.

If Amnesty is signed by Trump, millions of would-be illegals who would not be risking their lives to cross will now rush to get into the U.S. ahead of the next Amnesty or to try and get legalized with this one using phony documents, etc.

Trumpnesty (as it’s being called over at Breitbart and The Right Scoop Conservative blog) will enrich the Drug Cartel like nothing before. ‘

And Trump will be dogged for the rest of his days as “The Amnesty President” or “The Democrat Who Destroyed The Republican Party” because the GOP will never recover from this.

And they’ll have to name September 13th as “Hug Your DACA Amnestied Illegal Alien Day” or “The Day The Nation Went To Hell”. Same result.