Trump Will Not Win In 2024 Unless He Apologizes For Pushing Untested, Deadly ‘Vaccines’ And Stops Promoting Them

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Trump Will Not Win In 2024 Unless He Apologizes For Pushing Untested, Deadly ‘Vaccines’ And Stops Promoting Them

By Dave Levine

Don’t get me wrong! I want Trump to win in 2024 if he runs but I want him to DISASSOCIATE himself from the “vaccines” and the many deaths they’ve caused and will cause in the near future (Experts say massive numbers of deaths from the “vaccines”‘ spike proteins will happen 3-5 years from earlier this year).

Trump has been “touring” with Bill O’Reilly. Today, Survive the News had a report about Trump continuing to call himself “the father of the vaccines”. But Trump should consider what is actually happening out in the real world, outside of Mar-a-Lago and Trumptower:

-COVID vaccines plunge to just 3% effectiveness, making them virtually worthless against COVID AND highly dangerous

-Over 48,000 Americans have died from the vaccines. VAERS estimates the number to be 16,000 or so but VAERS is known to give only 1% of the actual number of deaths. That means that possibly more than 160,000 Americans have died already from the vaccines, perhaps more. A new study of this came out in JAMA in April 2021 and was reported here. At that time, they extrapolated that the number of deaths from the vaccines in the U.S. to be 178,000.

-One Israeli study by the IPC in April 2021 “warns that being injected with the Pfizer vaccine could lead to catastrophic health issues, which has been evidenced by the countless Israeli lives that have been damaged by the jab.”

-The CDC in late July 2021 reported that 74% of people infected with COVID in Massachusetts were fully vaccinated.

-Blood clots, myocarditis, thrombosis (VITT) and heart attacks are being seen in the vaccinated. There are thousands of examples including young people.

-There has been a massive and criminal cover-up by the CDC and MSM of the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by the vaccines. Edward Headrie at Great Mountain Publishing reported on this back on January 30, 2021 here. This was very early in the global distribution of the vaccines. A Canadian doctor has warned of deaths coming from these vaccines. Has President Trump read these reports?

-One of President Trump’s own physicians, the highly-respected virologist Dr. Zev Zelenko, has been vocal about the vaccines, the pandemic (some call it “the plandemic”), the Faucis and Gates, the fears they exploit and the preservation of mankind which the Globalists are opposed to. His interview with Stew Peters on The Stew Peters Show on September 29, 2021 here is mind-blowing. Dr. Zelenko tells us that Trump’s edict to provide Hydroxychloroquine to every American was halted and REVERSED by Trump’s vaccine expert Rick Bright that took HCQ off the shelves, resulting in the deaths of 500,000 Americans. He mentions the fraudulent study posted in Lancet on HCQ. Now, he tells us, they’re going after Ivermectin.

Back to Trump and 2024. A lot of Americans won’t be around in 2024 because so many took these jabs. Those who survive won’t necessarily be supportive of a man who calls himself “the father of the vaccines”! The survivors will be angry with ANYONE associated with the vaccines, certainly with those who promoted them! Many folks, I believe, will look to Conservative leaders like Governor Ron DeSantis, not to Trump.

Trump is a stubborn man. I don’t see him suddenly coming out against the vaccines. He has a lot of political capital invested in them. But if he wants to win in 2024, he must stop his support for the vaccines, join the medical doctors against the vaccines like Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Front Line Doctors, become a leader AGAINST the vaccines and do it NOW! He should also come out strongly against our military men and women being forced to vaccinate or face disciplinary actions. The country can use his leadership AGAINST the vaccines!

As more Americans die from the deadly vaccines he’s been promoting, he will lose that political capital. In fact, it will plunge and with it, his hopes for a 2024 win.