Trump: We Are Liberating Our Towns Of Illegals

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Trump: We Are Liberating Our Towns Of Illegals

The above is my non-p.c. version of title by Ian Schwartz at Real Clear Politics.

What Trump is referring to are illegal alien gangbangers like MS-13, not “the general illegal alien population” which we estimate to be upwards of 50 million nationwide. ICE has arrested very few non-gangbanger illegals.

The fact is, since Trump took office in January, ICE has arrested only a few thousand illegal alien gangbangers. FBI stats from 2011 put the gang population at a conservative 1.4 million. Six years of open border later, that figure is almost certainly 2 million or more. We believe the illegal alien gangbangers are two-thirds of that population, so arresting and deporting a few thousand gangbangers is the proverbial “drop in the bucket”.

Trump can brag about those arrests and deportations but the fact remains: There are still close to 2 million illegal alien gangbangers in the U.S.