Trump Warns He’ll ‘Revisit DACA’ If RINOs Can’t Pass DREAM Act Amnesty Bill

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Trump Warns He’ll ‘Revisit DACA’ If RINOs Can’t Pass DREAM Act Amnesty Bill

The above is my version of title by the AP.

Well, there’s your “proof”, Trumpsters! Trump wants DACA legalized via The DREAM Act of 2017–either HR 3440 or S.1615!

Trump has been a champion of Amnesty since his appearance on O’Reilly on March 30, 2011. He reiterated that position in his now-famous April 14, 2015 interview with Brett Baier a month before announcing he was running for President. He continued to push for the “touchback” Amnesty schemeduring the campaign last year, pushing “a merit-based system where the good ones stay”. A pro-Amnesty liberal doesn’t “change his spots” and suddenly become and anti-Amnesty zealot! He got elected President on being tough on illegal aliens while still pushing for Amnesty which his Conservative supporters denied. Many of them aren’t denying it anymore!

Unfortunately for Trump, he hadn’t read Immigration law. Senator Cruz pointed out in the final two Republican debates that illegal aliens cannot be brought back as legal aliens under federal law which essentially destroys the “touchback” scheme. Besides, the fact is it is unworkable given the control of the Border by the Cartel.

Amnesty is THE reason I did not support Trump and why I still am #NeverTrump. True Conservative politicians I’ve had as guests on my show who are supporting Trump seem to think that he will support them (One of them already knows that Trump endorsed his competitor-RINO) but Trump hates Conservatives!

I am frankly greatly disappointed in AG Sessions who should have told Trump, “I cannot stand behind an unconstitutional act like DACA which you’re continuing for 6 months AND I cannot and WILL NOT support The DREAM Act which would legalize illegal alien adults!” and resigned.

Instead, Sessions gave Trump’s speech before the nation today.

I believe it’s time for Conservatives to stop supporting Trump, not that Pence would be any better. Pence is the author of the “touchback” Amnesty scheme.

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