Trump (Unhinged) Must Be Forced To Resign Or Face Impeachment

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Trump (Unhinged) Must Be Forced To Resign Or Face Impeachment

By Dave Levine

Today, I am joining with others–including some Conservatives who’ve been very supportive of Trump until now–in calling for Trump to resign immediately or face Impeachment by his own party.

While I have been supportive of Trump’s EO commanding the enforcement of our Immigration laws after 8 years of neglect under Obama, that doesn’t mitigate Trump’s mental instability. Going after AG Sessions and his insane tweets was the final straw for me along with his disgusting speech to the Boy Scouts.

I’ve been #NeverTrump since July 2015–when I first was told about his April 14th interview with Bret Baier on youtube. In that interview, Trump all but described his “touchback” Amnesty plan and made me realize he should not be President. His choice for VP, Mike Pence, is “the father of ‘touchback’ Amnesty”. I have, however, supported Trump in his efforts to reign in illegal immigration thru ICE.

Once Trump is removed from office either being forced out by his own party or Impeached, we will have to deal with President Pence. I’m not looking forward to it! So I come to this decision with much trepidation for Pence is just about THE LAST PERSON I would want as President. However, one thing Pence has is “stability”, something sadly lacking in Trump and we can’t have “an unhinged President”!

Those in Congress who’ve been Trump’s bootlickers like Rep. Meadows should also be forced out of office or voted out next year. Voters are going to do that anyway on Election Day 2018.

Should Trump be put in a straightjacket and removed kicking and screaming from The White House? I doubt that will happen. But the problem with Impeachment is it’s a long process and Trump could do a lot of damage while we’re waiting for Congress to “do its thing”. Removing a president is no walk in the park! That’s where the Republicans in Congress need to take the reins, go to The White House and tell him he has lost their support and “for the good of the party and the country”, he should resign or face Impeachment and removal that way. Waiting is not an option!

While I am certainly no fan of Ryan & Co, I wish them God’s speed and good luck in a much-needed effort to remove a man I called “a madman” during the 2016 campaign.