Trump Tweet Today: ‘Some Great [Amnesty] Legislation Awaits–Be Smart!’

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Trump Tweet Today: ‘Some Great [Amnesty] Legislation Awaits–Be Smart!’

The above is my version of title by Elizabeth Zwirz at Fox News.

“Be smart–vote for the RINOs!”? I don’t think so!

This is the reason I remain #NeverTrump. Trump sounds like Romney in the second presidential debate with Obama. Romney shouted, “I’ll do it–I’ll get it done! First year!” referring to Amnesty. We know how Romney did with Latino voters (just 28.3%) and how he lost the Midwest.

Trump is sounding like G.W. Bush after the 2006 and 2007 Senate Amnesty bills failed. He’s continuing to push Amnesty without mentioning the word even after it failed in the House in two different bills. Why is Trump so set on an Amnesty for illegal aliens? I again refer you back to his April 1, 2011 appearance on O’Reilly and his April 14, 2015 interview with Brett Baier. Both are available on youtube. Amnesty is something Trump has wanted for at least 7 years.

Here’s his April 1, 2011 interview on O’Reilly and he responds to O’Reilly on “what will you do about the 15 million [illegals] already here” at 14:00. He fudges, talks about “a merit system” but that’s for LEGAL aliens. Clearly, he’s not for removing “the 15 million”! If he was, he’d have said it.

In Trump’s April 14, 2015 interview with Brett Baier, he talks about nothing BUT illegal immigration though he never mentions the word “Amnesty”. He talks about wanting to “keep the good ones” instead of enforcing the law which calls for REMOVAL of ALL unauthorized aliens. “Keeping the good ones” is a buzzphrase for Amnesty, in my opinion. The law doesn’t make a distinction between “the good ones and the bad ones”–they’re ALL ILLEGAL!

For those Trumpsters who say, “He’s not referring to Amnesty!”, I refer them to the two bills he supported that went down in flames…The Gang of Four and The Ryan Amnesty. Both were Amnesty bills.

I have no doubt that at least one of these bills will be revived by the RINOs in 2019, possibly as early as February 2019. However, I don’t think any Amnesty bill will pass during a lame duck Congress.

Will Speaker McCarthy allow Amnesty bills to get to the floor? Absolutely! Did Speaker Boehner? No! Will Speaker Jordan? We don’t know. Would Speaker Steve King? Absolutely not! See the differences?

Let’s not forget that Roy Beck’s NumbersUSA as well as FAIR promoted The Gang of Four Amnesty bill. Will both supposedly anti-Amnesty orgs push for another version of it next year? Probably. However, Senate Democrats will never allow The Gang of Four II to pass unless somehow Trump is able to get McConnell to drop the 60-vote rule.

For the above reason, I’m hoping the Senate goes back to Democrat control as that body would never pass a Gang of Four-style bill (too many enforcement provisions). While Trump will get little done with a divided Congress, it will give anti-Amnesty Patriots time to regroup for 2020 when, I believe, Governor Abbott will run for president and maybe, finally, we can stop Amnesty for good!

Neither Trump nor Pence meet that criteria. They both want Amnesty.