Trump To End DACA Possibly On Friday, September 1st, White House Says

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Trump To End DACA Possibly On Friday, September 1st, White House Says

The above is my version of title by Fox News.

My #NeverTrump status is riding on whether Trump ends this illegal, unconstitutional Amnesty.

The Big Myth: The MSM is acting as though DACA is a legal, constitutional act. It is NOT!

The Next Big Myth: So-called “DREAMERs” ARE NOT CHILDREN! They’re adults as old as 35!

The unspoken issue within the DACA dillema is the issue of “personal responsibility”, something shunned by liberals and leftists.

Here’s what I’m referring to:

-Illegal alien parents broke into the U.S. with their alien children. These “children” were not AND ARE NOT U.S. citizens! The responsibility for bringing their children into the U.S. illegally IS NOT the responsibility of The United States–the federal government OR American citizens!

Their illegal alien parents have a responsibility to remove themselves along with these DREAMER sons and daughters from the U.S. and go back to their countries of origin.

DREAMERs have already had much to be thankful for here–getting a free education in U.S. schools and work permits while living with their lawbreaking parents.

If DACA illegals were allowed to stay, it would be de facto Amnesty regardless of the fact that they’d never become citizens.

Enough is enough!

UPDATE after reading John Binder’s report on this at Breitbart: I was right! Trump is allowing many DACA illegals to stay in the U.S. for up to 2 years and be given work permits!

I will remain #NeverTrump!