Trump Rumored To Pick Kris Kobach As AG

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Trump Rumored To Pick Kris Kobach As AG

Here’s what I posted on The Right Scoop:

Kobach was the leader of the anti-Invasion movement and the co-author of 1070 laws across the nation. He’s lost some important important cases but 1070 was his “gem”. Unfortunately, 1070 has not been enforced uniformly in Arizona.

When I heard he had endorsed Trump right after Sen. Sessions did last fall, I dropped him from my “favorites” list. This move by Trump probably is why Kobach and Sessions didn’t unendorse the Maniac. This had been planned for a year now, I’m certain.

While I continue to strongly oppose Trump (who I believe will now be pushing Amnesty for 50 million-plus illegals), I’m glad for Kobach who will enforce the law. Kobach is strongly opposed to Amnesty, so some may think this move will indicate Trump WON’T push Amnesty thru the House.

But Ryan was just re-elected Speaker and he wants Amnesty more than anyone. NOT a good sign for Conservatives, but then, we know there will never be a Conservative Speaker!

The key will be DHS Chief. Someone like Sheriff Paul Babeu would be an excellent choice. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is too old and is in trouble with the courts.

Kobach is the author or “attrition thru enforcement” from 2008 which you can read about here at The idea is to (slowly) enforce Immigration laws steadily and that in doing so, other millions of illegals will self-deport.

Much thanks to Soopermexican at The Right Scoop for posting this story.