Trump Promotes Lie That ‘We Acted Very, Very Early’

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Trump Promotes Lie That ‘We Acted Very, Very Early’

The above is my version of title by Charlie Spiering at Breitbart.

Trump DID NOT act very early! He didn’t stop flights from China until January 31st. Instead, he was distracted by the Impeachment efforts of Democrats. Not only was January 31st LATE for stopping flights from China, but he refused to shut down flights from other infected countries until March 16th and (he) STILL hasn’t shut down flights from Brazil. Moreover, he allowed 6.3 million aliens to enter the U.S. from Canada between January 1st and March 15th, many of them Chinese.

Trump should stop the daily news conferences and work behind the scenes. He also should reverse his position promoting and signing Jailbreak bills AND he should be lambasting liberal Governors like Newsom and Cuomo who are releasing murderers and rapists from prisons and jails. He should let Dr. Fauci do the news conferences.

Trump thinks he can get away with the fact that he didn’t act quickly to protect the nation from this scourge and he apparently thinks he get skirt the responsibility for over 100,000 American deaths at the hands of this virus. As with most problems America faces, it all comes down to Immigration (which includes flights, ships and Open Borders).

If he had sealed the Border and stopped all flights coming in from Asia and Europe, many Americans would still be alive and healthy today. And ditto if he had prepared the nation by building makeshift hospitals and releasing hidden masks and other important medical items.

The bottom line? Trump cannot “lie” his way out of this one!