Trump Is Losing His Base By Leaving DACA In Place

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Trump Is Losing His Base By Leaving DACA In Place

By Dave Levine

Throughout the 2016 Campaign, Trump promised he would “rescind DACA”. Then, on Inauguration Day, he met with Obama and promised he would leave it be which is de facto Amnesty for nearly 1 million illegals.

We’ve heard rumors to the effect that a General Amnesty bill is quietly being worked on by Rep. McCaul and other pro-Amnesty House RINOs. Leaving DACA alone seems to be Trump’s way of “buttering us up” for the General Amnesty push.

Whether that is in fact the case, the bottom line IS Trump isn’t doing what he promised to do and as a result is losing some strong supporters including people like columnist/pundit Ann Coulter.

Illegal aliens are committing so many crimes these days that it’s hard to keep up with them. I should know as that is my metier besides running a very small business. I have never seen so many stories on illegals, probably because now it is more “acceptable” to mention the “undocumented” are here illegally.

Planning Amnesty for lawbreakers known as illegal aliens is sinking the Democrat Party (as a matter of fact, some Dems are rethinking their anti-law and order positions) and the GOP is right alongside them doing what? Planning Amnesty!

Trump deserves to lose his base of support by allowing and pushing Amnesty. He’s going to have a major battle on his hands when his base revolts against him the moment the General Amnesty bill rears its ugly head.

Until then, those of us who see this coming will continue to write and talk about it.

Other than stopping N. Korea from nuking us, NOTHING is more important than stopping Amnesty in its RINO tracks!

It’s a shame we don’t have an anti-Amnesty President.