Trump Is Finished…Unless He Acts Decisively NOW!

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Trump Is Finished…Unless He Acts Decisively NOW!

By Dave Levine

Pardon me if I quote Tucker Carlson in his tv show yesterday where he warned Trump that unless he acts NOW, “he’s going to lose and take the Senate with him”. So it’s finally come down to this. Trump can’t hide in his bunker or talk tough or tweet tough and expect to see his numbers go up.

Instead of leading, Trump lowered himself to go after former Conservative-now-idiot-liberal Joe Scarborough. He should have risen above that dolt. He didn’t. He got into a mud fight with him. He also made a photo op at a burned-out church instead of sending the FBI after the perps who burned it to the ground! Instead of sending in National Guard troops to Seattle to squash the anarchy in the streets, he held a rally! That’s NOT “leadership”!

The bottom line? Trump is mostly talk and little action, all bark and no bite and NOT “a leader”! His horrific poll numbers is THE biggest letdown for his supporters who’ve been with him for 5 years. A lot of it because he listened to his idiot libtard son-in-law, Jared Kushner. It’s gotten so bad that Kushner–probably with Trump’s blessings–has been meeting with Sen. Graham on an Amnesty bill. Clearly, Trump has forgotten “what” and “who” got him elected. It wasn’t Amnesty!

I’ve had doubts about Trump since before he announced he was running. Yet I quietly wanted him to succeed. Economy-wise, he’s done well. But in just about every other area, he’s failed and that isn’t good enough to deserve a second term.

Trump should be “cleaning the floor” with Biden. He should be dominating. Instead, he’s wasted a lot of time. He wasted time going after DACA, he wasted time on building the fence, he wasted time on stopping the Caravans of illegals and instead had ICE or DHS assist the illegals in their Invasion. He had NO successes on Immigration until his Remain in Mexico deal with Mexico’s President. His SCOTUS pick Gorsuch has been a disaster. His generals, many of them liberals apparently, have turned against him on sending the National Guard in to end the anarchy in Seattle. Years ago, he fired his friend and most powerful Conservative adviser, Stephen Bannon and moved Kushner into his adviser position. Every one of his DHS selections has been a disaster. Now we hear that Mexican green card holders have been allowed back into the U.S. WITHOUT being tested and thus our Border states along with Florida have seen a spike in COVID-19. Now the Lockdowns are coming back, too late to do any good. Trump relied on the liberal Dr. Fauci and that proved to be a disaster. COVID-19 isn’t going away. And look at the RINOs Trump is backing–Tuberville instead of Jeff Sessions for the Senate in Alabama. Tuberville is pro-Amnesty. There are other examples but the bottom line is…how can Trump expect Conservative support when he’s backing RINOs?

Other than the economy, Trump has little to run on. It’s become an “anyone but Trump” Election. If he was truly “the law-and-order President”, he’d be ruling the polls and coasting to reelection. Instead, he’s about to become a one-termer in a humiliating defeat! Hiding in The White House bunker was, I believe, “the last straw” for some Conservative voters.

Conservatives have little to hope for. With Trump losing and the Senate possibly falling to the Democrats, there’s little hope of winning back the House unless they can flip 17 seats–but they’ll have to do it without Trump’s support as he is seen now in such a negative light. If they COULD win back the House, they could stop Biden’s Amnesty push. 2024 will be too late. The 50 million illegals will be legalized and will soon be voting. The left will have won. The GOP will never again win a national election. End of country.

NOTE: I’m listening to today’s Daniel Horowitz podcast. He says, “Trump is losing Texas”. If true, the Election is over as far as The White House is concerned.