Trump Is Bringing Back The Goons

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Trump Is Bringing Back The Goons

by Dave Levine

The news today over at is that Trump is bringing back the Goons–Corey Lewandowski and Dave Bossie.

Doesn’t that make you feel safe and secure? I’m assuming it’s supposed to make White House leakers tremble in their Bally shoes. Maybe it will.

Me? I’m more concerned about stopping the North Korean nutjob’s missiles and stopping my state from passing the illegal SB 54 making CA officially a Sanctuary State, defying federal law that was passed under Bill Clinton in 1996. I’m wondering when if ever AG Sessions is going to come down hard on California. After all, it holds most of the illegals and gangbangers in the country not to mention its open defiance of federal law.

If Trump thinks that acting like a bully is going gain him praise, he has another thing coming. As long as he concentrates on stopping Kin Jong’s missiles and taking Sanctuary States and cities to task, he will succeed.