Trump Going ‘Full RINO’ Save For Sessions Appointment

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Trump Going ‘Full RINO’ Save For Sessions Appointment

By Dave Levine

I wonder how Trumpsters are feeling right now seeing their leader picking 99% RINOs for cabinet positions. All but one of those positions are going to RINOs–anti-Conservatives.

For Sec. of Education, he picked a pro-CommieCore activist, a RINO.

For Sec. of Defense, he picked a nutjob ex-general who a ret. Lt. Col. says “left my men to die” in Afghanistan.

For Secretary of State, he just picked a CEO buddy, a RINO.

For Sec. of Transportation, he picked McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, a RINO.

On and on and on.

He has yet to pick the DHS Chief but it almost certainly ISN’T going to be Kris Kobach as Trump has Amnesty planned for DACA and DAPA illegals. Kobach would oppose such a move. Whoever he picks for DHS Chief is pro-Amnesty or they don’t get the job.

Other than the DOJ (Jeff Sessions), nothing’s going to change in D.C.