Trump Down By 13 Points In Reuters-Ipsos Poll

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Trump Down By 13 Points In Reuters-Ipsos Poll

The above is my version of title by Simon Kent at Breitbart. My comments below have been expanded since the original post.

Trump is in trouble. It’s not just “a few polls” that are bad news for him–it’s ALL of them! He has time to come back [in the polls] but in an “anybody but Trump” climate, I’m not sure he can do anything to stop it. Holding rallies isn’t going to do it. He can’t boast about his Supreme Court picks as they’ve made some really bad decisions–Gorsuch being the worst. He can’t boast about his DHS picks as they’ve all been disasters. And he can’t boast about his liberal advisers Kushner and his daughter Ivanka as they’ve pushed him to the left on many issues. He can’t boast about the 4,000 drug trafficker-inmates he released from federal prison as Jailbreak I & II have been a disaster. It fostered state-level Jailbreak and after the blue state governors got thru (and they’re still not really done), over 67,000 inmates have been released into our communities and crime is skyrocketing! He can’t boast about stopping the Invasion from Mexico when he went against his own promises and statements by allowing even more illegals into the U.S. than Obama did and he certainly can’t defend his telling ICE to “stand down” during the Caravan Invasion and then during this pandemic.

It will be hard for him to get traction bragging about “the good economy” because of the financial ramifications of COVID-19. Many millions of Americans are still out-of-work. And he can’t brag about “helping Americans” by printing trillions of dollars we don’t have and pushing “stimulus bills” thru Congress!

The Remain in Mexico agreement with Mexico was an important achievement for Trump and the U.S. but that occurred well after the proverbial horses left the barn–well after hundreds of thousands of illegals broke into the U.S. and claimed asylum. Only 65,000 of them have been returned to Mexico, last we were told.

I frankly don’t know “where” Trump can hang his hat. But if he has any common sense, he should immediately fire his libtard advisers, refuse to make a deal with Democrats on DACA illegals and order ICE to conduct the “massive raids” he had told the nation he was ordering many months ago, raids that never happened. He should also refuse to renew Jailbreak III and renounce it as “a horrible mistake”. Then MAYBE he’d turn the tables on Biden and move up in the polls!