Trump Continues To Lie And Bloviate While Amnesty Is ‘That Close’ To Becoming Law

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Trump Continues To Lie And Bloviate While Amnesty Is ‘That Close’ To Becoming Law

By Dave Levine

Trump continues to lie thru his teeth.

He contends that Obamacare is dead, yet Congress never ended it. He contends that illegal aliens are being arrested and deported yet ICE is only going after a tiny percentage of the 50 million-plus illegal alien population–some of the 1.5 million illegal alien gangbangers in the U.S. Trump ran on a platform of “deporting all the illegals”. He also lied about not giving Amnesty to illegals (He’s tried everything he could to give them Amnesty but the Democrats wouldn’t go along with him on it). He lied thru his teeth about the wall–the wall will never be built. Some defend him saying Congress is the problem there and that may be so, but it’s still a lie. Trump also ran on reducing legal immigration. Virtually nothing has been done in that regard.

If Trump was a law-enforcing President who kept this promises or most of them, I would be a bona fide Trumpster! But, sadly, he’s let his base down as well as others who hoped he would do what he ran on. And his push for Amnesty was the biggest broken promise of all of them.

His supporters–“the blind” over at Breitbart–claim that his liberal daughter Ivanka is advising him and pulling him to the left on many issues. That may be. But the buck stops with the President. He’s responsible for what he’s doing and not doing.

Still others say, “But Hillary…!” trying to convince #NeverTrump Conservatives like me that President Hillary would have got Amnesty passed, etc. Such is total b.s.! Ryan & Co would have blocked Amnesty from passing the House. Boehner did that during Obama’s terms.

Stock market players are feeling good as they’ve made a killing during Trump so far. But the corporate event business still hasn’t come back after Obama’s last two years of dead business.

There are still many many millions of Americans out-of-work with millions of illegals flooding the workforce. And H-1B workers–mostly from India–continue to pour into the U.S.

Promises must be kept!