Trump Cannot Win Reelection, Even If He Swears On A Bible That He Won’t Sign Any Amnesty Bill

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Trump Cannot Win Reelection, Even If He Swears On A Bible That He Won’t Sign Any Amnesty Bill

By Dave Levine

It’s either Trump and Javanka or a leftist. Both Trump and Biden want Amnesty for illegals. Trump has already released 4,000 felons from federal prison and plans on releasing even more. He’s doing nothing about Gov. Newsom and Gov. Cuomo releasing murderers and rapists. He isn’t even talking about it! Trump is about to bring in 85,000 more India nationals to take American jobs during this pandemic when over 10 million Americans have lost their jobs. Trump signed the first Coronavirus giveaway bill–a $6 trillion bill touted as a $2 trillion bill. Trump has only vetoed 2 bills since taking office. Pelosi has had her way with him.

So why vote for Trump? For one SCOTUS justice? There’s no guarantee that, if reelected, he would pick a Conservative for the Court. Neither Gorsuch nor Kavanaugh are Conservatives. To stop Amnesty? As I said, Trump has never said, “I will never sign an Amnesty bill.” He was ready to sign The Gang of Four Amnesty bill back in June 2018. Is Trump bringing back companies that offshored to China? No. Has he shut down the Southern Border? No. Has he built the wall? No. Has he reduced the number of illegal aliens in the U.S.? No. Has he stopped funding of the baby butchers at Planned Parenthood? No. His threat of tariffs on Chinese goods went nowhere. He dropped his National E-verify plan as soon as he was elected. He dropped his getting rid of birthright citizenship plan as soon as he was elected. And he dropped his ending chain migration plan as soon as he was elected. Most importantly, he dropped his “Deport all the illegals!” plan. It was just a campaign ploy to sucker in Conservative voters.

I’ve heard ALL the excuses made by Trump’s defenders over the past 3 years–“It’s all Ryan’s fault!”, “It will take time!”, “It’s Pelosi’s fault!”, “It’s McConnell’s fault”, “It’s Kushner’s doing”, so on and so forth. They don’t work! The buck stops with the president. It always has.

After he waited a month before shutting down flights from China and 2.5 months before shutting down flights from Europe, we are now seeing how Trump blew it and it’s killing thousands of Americans and throwing most of us out of work. Trump left us wide open to this Chinese killer-virus. If the Election were held today, Trump would lose.

The lesser of two evils won’t apply this Election. This Election will be an “anyone but Trump” election. The only way Trump might pull out a win is if Biden picks a leftist female running mate, someone like Kamala Harris.