Trump Can Win GA Congressional Seat For Handel If He Moves To The Right And Stays There

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Trump Can Win GA Congressional Seat For Handel If He Moves To The Right And Stays There

By Dave Levine

President Trump has failed to do many things so far:

-He hired almost an entire cabinet of RINOs and liberals including his daughter and son-in-law with the notable exception of AG Jeff Sessions and one other Conservative;

-He’s failed at repealing Obamacare because he got behind Ryancare instead of Senator Cruz’s plan which remains the best way to go and

-He’s failed to pressure Ryan and the RINOs in Congress to give him the money to get the wall started.

On the positive side:

-He’s trying to reign in illegal immigration by stopping most of the break-ins into the U.S., has taken the handcuffs off police and Sheriff’s deputies so they can enforce ALL the laws of the land and is reigning in some Sanctuary Cities;

-He’s doing what he has to to stop North Korean threats to the homeland.

In total, he’s doing well on law and order issues and poorly on other issues.

If Trump–whose numbers are near or at 50%–wants the GOP to keep the Senate and House next year, he must “move right”. If he does, he’ll win.

To move right, all he has to do is tell Ryan & Co that “The days of the RINO are over! Pass Senator Paul’s repeal bill or Senator Cruz’s plan that should be made into a bill or lose your seats next year to Conservatives I’ll be promoting to replace you!”

Regarding the wall or double-layered fence, he needs funding for it and if Ryan won’t give him that funding, Ryan should be replaced.

There are over 40 miles of unpatrolled Border and Trump should fix that right now even if it takes firing DHS Chief Kelly.

Trump can win that June runoff for Karen Handel if he moves right. Otherwise, the base won’t come out for her.

For her part, Handel should come out tough on illegal immigration–toughening her Issues page. The base wants a Conservative, not a RINO!

The clock is ticking…