Trump Backing Democrat’s Massive Amnesty Bill HR 5038

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Trump Backing Democrat’s Massive Amnesty Bill HR 5038

By Dave Levine

This year, Conservative voters are faced with the same problem they’ve always had in every election year–whether or not to vote for “the lesser of two evils”–because, as before, there aren’t any good choices. This time, however, it’s pretty clear that if you’re a law and order Conservative voter, voting for a pol who will sign a General Amnesty for 50 million or more illegal aliens is “committing national suicide”. If BOTH parties’ candidates are pushing Amnesty–as all major Democrat candidates are and as Trump is doing now and as he has since he took office (with his Four Pillars Amnesty scheme crafted by supposed Conservative adviser Stephen Miller, his support for The Gang of Four Amnesty in June 2018)–then “None of the Above” should be the choice of Conservative voters. Otherwise, they’re voting for Amnesty and for the end of the nation. The differences between the parties (on taxes, healthcare, etc.) are hardly worth mentioning when 50 million illegals will be legalized and will be voting as Democrats. The Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs.

Trump cannot be trusted. He’s lied thru his teeth about enforcement (“The Caravans will NOT get thru!”, etc.) and has signed Amnesty bills already (amnestying 4,000 Liberians) and has even amnestied AMERICAN felons (by signing The First Step Act that released 4,000 of them back into our communities rather than making them serve out their prison sentences) in a really sick attempt to win black votes. He put the military near the Border BUT NOT ON THE BORDER AND DID NOT ARM THEM, showing Caravan illegals that our soldiers were no threat to illegally entering! He continues appointing Open Borders/Pro-Amnesty movers to positions in his Administration. Sonny Perdue and Rick Perry are two examples, DHS Chief Chad Wolf is another. Does anyone remember Kirstjen Nielsen? In doing so, Trump has lost time building the Border fence. Trump also endorsed mostly RINOs for the House and Senate, not Conservatives. Remember Chris McDaniel? He lost to a Democrat-turned-RINO who Trump never should have backed. The only Conservative running for office that Trump backed in the past three years was Judge Roy Moore. Almost everything he’s done has been a fraud, trying to fool his Conservative supporters into continuing to back him while he’s betraying them working with the likes of Sen. Lindsey Graham on a massive Amnesty bill!

Anita Kumar’s report today at Politico tells us he’s pushing Amnesty again. Impeachment Manager Rep. Lofgren’s HR 5038–labeled “The Farmworker Modernization Act”–is as bad as any previous DACA Amnesty bill was for America. Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz has written about this here. Horowitz is BEGGING Conservative voters to warn Trump NOT to support or sign HR 5038 and any other Amnesty bill but Trump isn’t listening. He’s confident he’ll win reelection even if he signs that horrific bill. Trump has vetoed very few bills. He’s not going to veto HR 5038!

If Trump signs HR 5038, he should pay for it by Conservative voters staying home on Election Day. When push comes to shove, there is truly little difference between the two sides of The Uniparty!

Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending this Politico report to me.