Trump Accuses Biden Of What He, Trump, Is Guilty Of

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Trump Accuses Biden Of What He, Trump, Is Guilty Of

The above is my version of title by Charlie Spiering at Breitbart.

Here’s what I posted beneath this report in the Comments section:

Unfortunately, Trump cannot accuse Biden of being the only candidate offering Amnesty to illegals because he just said he’s going to give Amnesty to DACA illegals! He’s also had his son-in-law working behind the scenes with Lindsey Graham on what some believe is a General Amnesty of his own for early 2021 if reelected.

He can’t brag about “the wall” (which is really a fence) of which only 200 miles have been built (no new wall, just replacement fencing). The Secure Fence Act signed by G.W. Bush (which is still “law”) calls for 700 miles of double-layered fence, not the bollard fence Trump is having built! He’s nowhere near 700 miles of fencing!

And when he says that Biden wants to abolish our prisons, Trump should admit he made a terrible mistake in releasing 4,000 drug traffickers from federal prison by signing and renewing National Jailbreak (aka The First Step Act). So far, he’s only stated that signing and renewing that bill has hurt him, politically–not that he made a terrible mistake because people have died and have been raped because he let those inmates out!

Trump knows he’s in trouble with his base and with Independent voters. Without those, he can’t possibly win. Now it’s being reported he’s in trouble in Florida with seniors and other voters in swing states. I posted a piece on “how” Trump can try to save his presidency here but time is running out for him and he’s already lost millions of voters. He’s in danger of losing Texas, Florida and Arizona. Without Texas, he’s had it.