To Stanford Athletics: Fire Coach Shaw, Bench Kryst And Start Sophomore QB Sensation K.J. Costello

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To Stanford Athletics: Fire Coach Shaw, Bench Kryst And Start Sophomore QB Sensation K.J. Costello

By Dave Levine

USC was beatable tonight but Stanford Coach David Shaw didn’t want to win the game. He wasted the three first-half time-outs so that when the team got the ball with 48 seconds left, he tried to run out the clock–down by 2 touchdowns!

In the third quarter, instead of taking his starting QB Kryst out after the guy had taken vicious hits and after Kryst showed he had zero mobility, he kept him in and the entire offense folded.

The Stanford defense looked awful the entire game but the collapse of the offense was unexpected. They could do no wrong in the first half.

The reason Coach Shaw should be fired is he stuck to his game plan instead of opening the game up with 4 WR sets. On many plays, down by two touchdowns, he took out all the WRs showing USC what he was going to do and USC stopped them.

Coach Shaw should also be fired for not playing star WR Donald Stewart more. Stewart never caught a pass. The guy has lightening speed and hands like Jerry Rice. Is Stewart injured? I don’t think so.

Shaw is famous for playing less talented seniors instead of giving sophomores and freshmen a chance. Last year, instead of playing K.J. Costello, he played Burns and Kryst. Costello proved in the Rice game last week that he should be starting. Tonight, Kryst held on to the ball too long, as always and has no mobility after serious knee surgery in January. If Costello isn’t starting, he’ll only have two years left at Stanford. He should be playing now! Burns is as bad as he was last year. Costello is Stanford’s future at QB–6-5″ with speed, good legs and a rifle arm like Elway’s was, plus his decision-making is excellent. Kryst can’t see defensive linemen in his face and is a statue out there!

I knew this would be a tough season losing their two best players McCaffrey and Thomas, but they didn’t replace Thomas with anyone. Another reason to fire Shaw. A big part of coaching is recruiting. But if you don’t play the kids…

I look forward to a Stanford team without a coach who can’t manage the clock, can’t control time-out-taking, plays the young talent and has an out-of-the-box approach to play calling. Whatever secret plays Stanford had, Shaw trashed them.

But smashmouth against USC can only be successful for so long. And when you’re down by two tds, you don’t take out all your wide-outs! You stretch the defense, you idiot!