Time For Oregon Sheriff Mike Reese To Resign

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Time For Oregon Sheriff Mike Reese To Resign

By Dave Levine

Multnomah Sheriff Mike Reese didn’t do the right thing multiple times. He let a scumbag illegal alien felon back out onto Oregon streets again and again and now tried to defend himself, saying that “Oregon law prohibits [me] from holding an illegal alien solely on an ICE detainer”.

Sheriff Reese should resign and a law-and-order Sheriff should be elected who will work with ICE in detaining dangerous illegals like Sergio Martinez! Doesn’t Sheriff Reese remember that Nazi officers accused of crimes against humanity couldn’t use “I was just following orders” to defend themselves? Well?

Oregon is a rogue state due to its illegal Sanctuary law. Sheriff Reese COULD HAVE stood up to that illegal law. Instead, he went along with it.

What use are Sheriffs and others in law enforcement if they aren’t enforcing ALL the laws of the land? Federal law makes “Sanctuary Cities and States” ILLEGAL!