They’ve Lost Their Minds Or Were Never Anti-Amnesty To Begin With

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They’ve Lost Their Minds Or Were Never Anti-Amnesty To Begin With

By Dave Levine

Breitbart, Drudge, The Gateway Pundit and other pro-Trump sites this morning have little or nothing about Trump stabbing his base in the back by pushing Amnesty, little or nothing about Amnesty. This indicates they’ve either lost their minds or were never anti-Amnesty to begin with, meaning they’ve lied thru their teeth about Amnesty.

This is how Hitler came to power. This “blind allegiance” is scary. I saw it in Democrats with Bill Clinton and now supposed Conservatives with Trump.

True, those with stocks are happy as they’re making money, some of them a lot of money. But money doesn’t keep the nation from being destroyed from within by rewarding lawbreakers, Invaders! Moreover, the DACA Amnesty will make “Phase 2”–Trump’s General Amnesty which is coming next–easier to pass. The Trump DACA Amnesty is just “a set-up” for the big one.

At some point, there’s going to be a reckoning. Patriots–those who aren’t little Jonesians who will follow this lying scumbag over the cliff–are going to end “the party” and that begins on November 6th when the RINOs and supposed “Conservatives” who back this monster are voted out of office.

I’m looking forward to Election Day when Conservatives teach the pro-Amnesty bastard RINOs, the GOP and The Liar Trump a lesson.