They Are Not Serious

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They Are Not Serious

By Glenn Spencer at American Border Patrol

It’s a sad day.

I agree with Glenn. Trump and the Republicans aren’t serious about the wall.

Trump lied about getting Mexico to pay for the wall (No one in his right mind believed Mexico would do that).

I’d be happy if Trump can get Ryan & Co to come up with the money to properly fix current fencing until the 700 miles of double-layered fence can be funded but I doubt ANYTHING is going to be done about the Border fence.

If Trump was serious about stopping the Invasion, he would call for 48,000 National Guard troops to be stationed on the Border. No money. That’s the excuse that was given in January 2007 when Pelosi and the Democrats took back the House and stopped the funding for the double-layered fence.

The Invasion will continue and Americans will continue to be killed, raped and molested by illegal aliens.

And so it goes…