There Are Rumors That Ivanka Trump Will Run For U.S. Senate Against Rubio And Donald Jr. Will Run For President In 2024

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There Are Rumors That Ivanka Trump Will Run For U.S. Senate Against Rubio And Donald Jr. Will Run For President In 2024

By Dave Levine

I am not a Trumpster. I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020. I strongly opposed him on Amnesty (which he tried to get thru Congress) and I strongly opposed him on National Jailbreak (aka The First Step Act) which saw him release 4,000 federal drug traffickers (most of them black Americans and halve the sentences of others). I also strongly opposed him on his refusal to have ICE arrest and deport some of the 40 to 50 million illegal aliens in the U.S. (ICE deported some 16,000 or so gangbanger illegals during his term but left many other illegals alone). I called his USMCA agreement with Mexico and Canada “NAFTA 2.0”.

In spite of the above, I wanted him to be reelected and I worked hard at The Dave Levine Show to get him reelected both on-the-air and in columns here and blog posts everywhere. I gave Trump “a break” by doing something I hadn’t done since 2000–giving my support in 2020 to the President because his opponent was a leftist who was and is so much worse. And I was really pissed that he didn’t do a better job of defending his 2020 Election landslide win. Forces he should have foreseen were against him and they turned on him and turned a landslide victory into a loss.

The Trump presidency was about HIM, NOT his liberal daughter and Amnesty-loving son-in-law Kushner (who worked on Amnesty legislation with Graham, Pence and other RINOs)! Trump supporters didn’t vote for Kushner and wouldn’t have had he run. Conservatives, after all, don’t vote for liberals! And as lovely as she is, they wouldn’t vote for Ivanka, either. Ivanka may be successful running against Rubio but she’s no Conservative! If I were living in Florida, I wouldn’t support her.

Don Jr. is an excellent public speaker but he’s not his father. I can’t give him “a pass” on Amnesty or National Jailbreak. I don’t hear any anti-Amnesty speeches from Don Jr., nor do I hear any anti-Jailbreak speeches from him. Law and order means everything to me. I cannot support anyone running for public office who embraces Jailbreak. As I’ve stated, I gave Trump “a break” on his support for DACA Amnesty and National Jailbreak. If Trump runs in 2024 pushing a continuation of National Jailbreak, he won’t get my support and neither will any other politician supporting it. That is why I cannot support Rep. Matt Gaetz who was “a mover” in Congress for National Jailbreak.

For me, it’s all about POLICY, not personality, star status or party. There won’t be anymore “exceptions” in 2022 or 2024. 36 House Republicans voted against National Jailbreak in the second vote on it in 2018. Those Congressmen had it right! Releasing (black) criminals from prison in order to get black votes in future elections IS NOT something I support!