The Sad Thing About Trump Humpers

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The Sad Thing About Trump Humpers

By Dave Levine

I’ve watched their posts on Facebook and seen their cheers at the “fixed” Republican National Convention and the sad thing about Trump Humpers is they actually prefer a madman to an acknowledged enemy, a Socialist.

Their hatred for Hillary Clinton knows no depths. It goes way beyond anything I’ve seen in my lifetime save perhaps for Democrats’ hatred for Richard Nixon.

Alt-right Trump Humpers (aka the anti-Invasion movement) think Trump will be tough on illegals yet they refuse to hear his continued push for Amnesty for most of them. In fact, Sessions completely left out Trump’s “touchback” Amnesty scheme from Trump’s Immigration Plan he (Sessions) designed. It’s as if these Trump Humpers were (as character actor Gage Clarke says in the classic film-play, The Bad Seed, “born blind”–they can’t see Trump for what he is.

I’m sure psychologists would say his supporters “block out” that reality to preserve their loyalty to the Cheeto-faced despot-in-waiting. Actually, it’s far worse than “loyalty”–it’s total subservience! To continue to support the Maniac, a man who lies every time he opens his mouth, a man who sends thugs out to threaten delegates including female thugs in Convention ladies rooms, a man who has over 3,500 lawsuits pending against him mostly for money he’s never paid people for their services, a man who has a federal lawsuit against him for teen rape that (as per the credible caterer-witness) happened in 1994 on what is known as Rape Island, a man who allegedly threatened the girl who was raped as well as her family if she told authorities about the crime, a man whose Trump University was a scam that cost the life savings of countless Americans, a man who hires perhaps thousands of illegal aliens instead of Americans to work at his properties…to continue to support this sociopath requires Trump Humpers to be the Kool-Aid drinking cult worshipers that they are–the ones who believe his lies and ignore his deceit, his criminality and his insane behavior.

That many of these Trump Humpers are smart people makes me worry about our future because they need to unblind themselves and “wake up” to the cult haze they’ve been living in.

There ARE of course alternatives to Trump and Clinton, but to Trump Humpers, a vote for anyone but their Mussolini-reading leader is a vote for Hillary. There are other candidates running for President and there is the possibility of writing-in someone in some states or not voting for President at all.

Out of every bad thing comes some good. The “good things” to come out of these terrible 16 months is the graphic exposure of The Republican Party (and particularly, the RNC) for the corrupt, back-stabbing, liberal RINO party that it is as well as the exposure of people I thought were my friends and colleagues–the Trump-humping alt-right Americans! Another “good thing” to come out of the ascendance of Trump are the thousands of Conservative Republicans to leave that party because of that party’s embracing him.

I for one will be glad when this Election has passed and America can get back to “normal”, a nation safe from the New York madman. Being #NeverTrump has made me realize how much we’ve “lost” as a nation because of this vulgar, despicable candidate for office. I hope and pray that those suing Trump win their cases.


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  1. Heathermcsp says:

    Many of Trumps supporters would try to explain his crimes away by saying,’you just don’t understand business’. I would tell them that once I recognize that a business man is a con artist, I no longer do business with him.

    • Dave Levine says:

      Hi Heather,

      You may have noticed this morning that I’ve had Jan add a feature to commentors’ posts–now showing “5 mins ago..”, “11 hours ago…”, etc.

      This will make it easier for you and others to know how long it’s been since an commentor posted.

      Btw, the times posted on this blog are in Mountain Time which is 1 hour behind Central and 2 hours behind Eastern Time.

      Hope this new feature makes this a more enjoyable blog!

      Dave L.

      • Heathermcsp says:

        Thanks Dave. When I first saw the times this morning I was guessing it was Mountain time, which is one hour ahead of me. I just couldn’t figure out the 7 hrs ahead that it originally showed 🙂 I can now look at Patriot Kitty anytime I want to and I can understand the time of my last post. Now I will stop being so picky 🙂

        • Dave Levine says:

          LOL! Well, you are very welcome! I was used to seeing the “30 minutes ago”, etc. over at “the other site” and wanted it here.

          This has been an expensive venture for me but hopefully, I’ll begin getting advertizers.

  2. N0T2L8 says:

    I too will be very happy when this election is over… I’m in my 50’s and have never seen such a mess in this country. I’ve been #nevertrump since before the last time he announced. I’m so sick of it all.
    Thanks for all you do Dave, but if I disappear.. The time has come to go quiet. To step up your preparations in a controlled and discreet manner… I may not be able to stop the tyranny, but I can and will protect me and mine.

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