The Left Hates Trump More Than #NeverTrump Patriots

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The Left Hates Trump More Than #NeverTrump Patriots

By Dave Levine

The Left clearly hates Trump more than #NeverTrump Patriots. Leftists–many of them likely paid by Soros–are out in the streets protesting the Election of the Sociopath, only they aren’t opposing him because he’s a Sociopath. They’re opposing him because they think he isn’t “pro-immigrant” and because of some white nationalists who voted for him. They see him as not liberal enough.

#NeverTrump Patriots–those of us who held strong and either voted third party, wrote-in a name or stayed home–are in “the Facebook streets” standing up to the traitors among us and (in my case and a few others), calling them out. To #NTPs, Trump is an abomination both on policy (too liberal) and his character (a moron, a sociopath, a con man, etc.). When Amnesty hits the House as I’m sure now it will, #NTPs will take to the streets but the Left won’t be there beside us. They want Amnesty for illegals as much as the RINOs do but for different reasons. We’ll be “alone” in that protest.

It would be nice if left and right could “come together” and fight Trump as one but that isn’t to be. There is too much antipathy and lack of respect between these sides. But these forces are still a problem for Trump.

In order to stop Trump on Amnesty especially, more Conservative voices need to be heard. The ones we’re hearing now–Mike Savage and a few others–all backed the Sociopath and should be tarred and feathered for doing so. It’s ironic as Savage was one of the alt-right leaders of the early anti-Invasion movement.

As the rebuilding of the Conservative movement begins at the grass roots level, it is important that #NeverTrump Patriots remember “who” stabbed them in the back and gave us President Trump.

At the same time, we need to warn RINOs like Ryan that Amnesty WILL NOT be acceptable next year or beyond.