The Invasion From Mexico Is Finally ‘Front And Center’ After Decades Of Democrat And Republican Inaction And Must Be Stopped Cold!

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The Invasion From Mexico Is Finally ‘Front And Center’ After Decades Of Democrat And Republican Inaction And Must Be Stopped Cold!

By Dave Levine

What we are witnessing–right before a contentious Midterm Election–is nothing short of amazing. While the MSM calls would-be Central American Invaders “the migrant caravan”, Americans of all stripes know it’s a mostly-male-adult Invasion Force of anti-America aliens including some Islamo-terrorists, a force of aliens that is very likely being financed by billionaire socialist George Soros with possible collusion by traitorous American leftists who are desperate to remove President Trump from office.

There is no doubt in my mind that this alien Invasion Force is an orchestrated attempt by Soros to influence the Midterm Election and give the House back to Pelosi and the Democrats.

However, the Alien Invasion Force is backfiring from all accounts. RINO pols who were about to be booted from their congressional seats including even some RINO Senators are suddenly ahead of their Socialist opponents by calling for the end to the Invasion from Mexico. President Trump’s rallies across the nation for these Republican pols has helped them with fundraising and helped them in the polls.

For over 23 years, I’ve been part of the Immigration Patriot movement. For many of those years, I’ve been calling for the placing of many thousands of armed National Guard troops on the Southern Border and, since 2007, I’ve been a strong advocate for completing the 664 miles of double-layered fence called for in The Secure Fence Act signed by G.W. Bush. Not one mile of that fence was built during Obama’s 8 years! It’s high time that fence along with a wall here and there are completed. The troops can be removed as the fences and wall are completed. Taxing remittances to Mexico can help pay for this.

Will President Trump get congressional authorization to send 48,000 armed and deputized Guard troops or militia to the Border? Will he call “a state of emergency” along the Southern Border?

In a way, the Alien Invasion Force has created its own demise by awaking “a sleeping giant”. With the exception of leftists and libertarians, Americans aren’t going to allow their nation to be overrun by Invaders.

If President Trump doesn’t stop this Invasion, American citizens will. It’s come to that! In April 2005, a few hundred Patriots went to the Arizona-Mexico Border and stopped the Invasion from Mexico in their Border sector cold! It can be done again, this time on a massive scale.