The GOP Commits Political Suicide, Elects A Sociopath As President ‘For A Change’

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The GOP Commits Political Suicide, Elects A Sociopath As President ‘For A Change’

By Dave Levine

Tonight, Republican voters and their Democrat crossover pals voted in a sociopath, a narcissist, a braggart, a megalomaniac and a man who sent thugs after his political enemies in the primaries in Colorado and at the Republican Convention as President. With him, they voted in his illegal alien-porn star wife as First Lady.

Some Conservatives did so not because of Trump but because of his RINO running mate, Mike Pence–the author of the “touchback Amnesty” scheme. Some Conservatives think that Trump will be impeached and Pence will take over as President. That is a pipe dream, but Pence will now have a foot in The White House for 2020, making it difficult for someone like Governor Abbott or Ted Cruz. These Conservative voters made a big mistake.

I have no affinity for the RINO-controlled Republican Party and don’t care what happens to it. I haven’t been a Republican since 1996 and I never will be one again.

There IS no party for true Conservatives–none. At this rate, there probably never will be.

Does this discourage me about American politics? Absolutely. How women voters could vote for such an animal is beyond comprehension. How ANYONE could put this liberal maniac in The White House with his fingers on the nuclear codes is amazing to me.

Looking ahead, I’ll continue doing my #NeverTrump talk show. That isn’t going to change. I’ll continue to talk about law and order and will oppose every effort towards Amnesty out of Trump and Congress. I’ll resist every effort to move the country to the left. And I’ll continue calling a spade, “a spade”.

I challenge fellow #NeverTrump Conservatives to do the same.



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  1. AFVet4America says:

    All true Dave, but looks like we got tRump, as I said it will come down to who people despise the most. Obviously it was hillary.

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