The First Step Act, Revisited

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The First Step Act, Revisited

By Dan Cadman at

An excellent piece by Dan Cadman from August 14, 2018 at CIS! I assume he opposes The First Step Act now in the Senate.

I oppose ANY bill that was crafted by or supported by liberal idiot Jared Kushner and his equally liberal idiot wife, Ivanka. I oppose everything liberals and leftists support particularly when it comes to law and order and serving sentences.

Libertarians and liberal Republicans–and a few idiot Conservatives–rave about this bill. One NRO report earlier this year claimed that it is somehow white society’s fault that “while blacks number just 12% of the population, they fill 33% of the prison and jail cells in the U.S. How is it society’s fault that blacks commit a higher percentage of crime than whites?

The White House should be deluged with calls and emails urging Trump to veto the bill if it gets to his desk. I’ve already stated that Trump will lose his reelection bid in 2020 if he signs such an anti-law-and-order bill.