The End Of Trump

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The End Of Trump

By Dave Levine

We’re finally seeing the end of Trump, the end of his campaign which on the night of November 8th will come to a screeching halt.

His poll numbers are getting worse and more videos of disgusting, criminal things he has said will be coming out. Moderate Republicans–once his next-biggest supporters–are unendorsing him. His criminal behavior will become public record at the civil trial by rape victim Katie Johnson (not her actual name) coming soon.

#NeverTrump Patriots will soon have something to cherish–stopping Trump from becoming President. The talk show I dedicated to stopping Trump (when I returned to the airwaves after an 8-month absence) will soon revert back to a law-and-order show. After a few months, he won’t be discussed.

And what will be the fall-out? Trump will take down more RINO Congressmen and RINO Senators than any other Republican loser. The GOP has a 32-seat lead in the House. The Dems could win that many and more.

Those activists who ended up voting for Trump will be outed and we will name names.