The Effects Of Liberalism–The Diseased Streets Of San Francisco

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The Effects Of Liberalism–The Diseased Streets Of San Francisco

The above is my version of title by Bigad Shaban, Robert Campos, Tony Rutanooshedech and Michael Horn at

This is one of the reasons I stopped going to San Francisco years ago. The homeless problem is one of the worst in any U.S. city, a city that won’t move the derelicts out so locals and tourists can enjoy a once thriving city. Instead, the homeless, criminals and homosexuals rule the streets. Used needles everywhere. Sick, dying people spreading their disease everywhere. I wanted no part of it then and I want no part of it now!

As far as I’m concerned, San Francisco lost its soul once the leftists took over and that happened when Mayor Diane Feinstein lost control of the city to the radical homosexuals.

San Francisco is not alone. Other U.S. cities run by liberals are in a shambles–Detroit, New York, Baltimore. Still other cities have neighborhoods controlled by illegal alien gangs from Mexico and El Salvador. But San Francisco welcomes them all–drug addicts, illegal aliens and other criminals. San Francisco became what I called “a rogue city” long ago. It’s a Sanctuary City for illegals.

I’d like to say something “positive” about San Francisco–but I can’t because that would be being disingenous. I used to work there and I once lived there.

These bureaucrats and leftist and liberal elected officials haven’t a clue. It’s what they WON’T do–what they SHOULD do! Other cities have done it. NYC’s former Mayor Giuliani did it in 1996 while I lived in Midtown Manhattan.

The homeless can be divided into two camps–the mentally ill and the out-of-work homeless. There are also many who are opiod users–druggies.

What can be done to rid this once beautiful city of filthy humans? This is where the leftists and liberals running San Francisco are completely out-of-touch with reality. They should know better! They should know that the mentally ill and druggies belong in institutions, not out in the streets. The out-of-work homeless could be placed in Fort Point or in another site owned by the city or county with FEMA-provided trailers with running water and sewage hook-ups. What about Candlestick Park area? Or maybe the City needs to reach out to other counties in the area to see about San Francisco leasing some area where trailers can be provided for the out-of-work homeless. Security would have to be provided and the City would be stuck with the bill but at least they’d have removed the derelicts and out-of-work homeless from S.F. streets!

But liberals aren’t even talking about this because they’re afraid of going up against the radical orgs that want the homeless to stay. One would think “a clean city” would be what EVERYONE wants but not the left!

It’s a shame, a real shame.