The Disneyland Analogy

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The Disneyland Analogy

By The Cruz Revolution Group on Facebook as posted by Gail Richardson

Here it is:

If a couple sneaks their family into Disneyland and gets caught, does Disney let the kids stay in the park without their parents? No!

Illegals knowingly broke U.S. law; they are responsible for their children–NOT the American taxpayer!

Hear! Hear!

Of course, it isn’t a perfect analogy. If Disneyland were to let the children that were sneaked in stay that day before closing up (where everyone has to leave the site), Disneyland wouldn’t lose much of anything.

If the U.S. allows illegal aliens to stay, they don’t “go home to Mexico when the day is done–they remain here! That is “lightening bolt news” back in Mexico and Central America! It encourages others to break in and it affects the nation in ways that Disneyland wouldn’t be affected–like 9,000 American deaths at the hands of illegals every year which destroy American families, the tremendous cost of bilingual ed, the cost of incarcerating 42,000 illegal alien inmates, etc., etc.